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Crafting with shrink wrap

Shrink plastic from old packaging

Shrink plastic from old packaging

Shrink plastic from old packaging material: Some of us still know them from childhood: the funny pieces of jewelry that can be made from shrink plastic. What fun was watching the foil in the oven as it curled, then became smaller and smaller and finally ended as a tiny, hard piece of plastic. Get back a piece of childhood! The funny shrinking effect works great with waste.

For this you need:

Clean packaging waste made of plastic (for example, sushi boxes) – Pay attention to a small number in a triangle (usually on the bottom of the box): With 2 and 6, the trick works best. Scissors puncher colored permanent markers.

Before you can process the packaging waste, you need to clean it thoroughly. Then you cut out the bottom of the packaging or the parts that have as flat a surface as possible.

From the Internet, you can print funny patterns of motives. It should be noted that the shapes shrink later in the oven by up to 70%. You put the prints directly under the plastic, so you can take a break. First draw the outlines with a waterproof black pencil.

Then you paint the rest of the subject and punch it on the top. Through this hole you can attach the trailer later. Now cut out the pendant along the edges. Caution: Do not cut away the hole, but cut it around.

Bake the tags for 2-3 minutes in the oven preheated to 165 ° C. Do not worry, the plastic will contract and curl in the heat, but that’s perfectly normal. In the end it will be smooth again.

Now the plastic is not only much smaller, but also thicker and more stable. Using split rings, you can now attach the pendants to a piece of jewelry of your choice.

Whether funny sweets, fast food, figures or favorite quotes in jewelry form: Only your own imagination sets the limits here. You can also use the jewelry for keys or as a gift tag. Moreover, they are funny ideas, if you are still on the lookout for a quick tinkering for the next birthday party.

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